Custom Hardware, Firmware, and Software Consultation

CreationW3D is a tried and true host control and slicing application.


Custom device drivers for DLP/SLA
Custom Machine and Slicing profiles
Customizable GUI and color schemes
Optimized Correction and Distortion

Full Support Generation
SLA / SLS / FDM / Inkjet
Serial GCode Controller
PNG/GCode/SVG Export

Scriptable and Simple to Use
Resin Management via RFID
STL /OBJ /SVG /PNG Formats
Preliminary SLS & Powder support

New Hollow Model Feature! Creation Workshop now offers a feature in the latest download that allows you to hollow a model to the build plate.
New Gyro Rotation! In the most recent download of Creation Workshop, you can also move items in the build plate.

For a limited time, you can have access to Creation Workshop with a yearly license fee of just $99! (Developer’s Version)

1 License
$ 495   One time cost
100+ Licenses
$ 95   Per License
250+ Licenses
$ 85   Per License
500+ Licenses
$ 75   Per License

There is a distribution license fee of $2,000/year.